About us

Welcome to Alphasonic Technologies!

Since its inception in 2012, AlphaSonic Technologies has pioneered technological advancements in Sri Lanka. We deal with various aspects of providing solutions to help businesses grow and we cover a range of services around systems, communications, and networking. The Team at Alphasonic is dedicated towards ensuring that our clients get the best service in the industry. With years of industry experience behind us, you can rest assured that we will optimize your processes through technology!

Our Products

Our Values


Our Commitment is to bring only the highest quality products to the marketplace.


We invest vast resources into research and development to provide easy-to-use and high performing solutions.


We strive to completely understand our clients’ needs and provide complete solutions which can be flexibly used in any environment.


We bring the most secure, easy-to-use, and reliable ICT enterprise solutions.


We do amazing things
with amazing people!


Our Business used to completely run on manual and outdated practices until we met AlphaSonic. The friendly team helped us to optimize our process and improve our bottom-line numbers in no time!

Alphy Perera

We had a massive project in terms of our servers and very little time to get it done. AlphaSonic had the exact tools and resources to help us get this done on time! Would recommend them to anyone

Suzie Tyra

We had a massive breach in security in one of our local servers which resulted in a loss of almost all our business data. AlphaSonic helped us to recover this data, and this saved us a lot of time and headache!

Sereta Abeysekara