Server Solutions

Hardware specifications and budgets can vary considerably based on your infrastructure needs. Our highly experienced and professional team have designed, supplied and installed hundreds of new and upgraded server solutions for all types of businesses. Are you looking to upgrade an older system, or do you need help designing a new implementation from scratch? We have the skills on hand! Our team have been installing servers for the last 10 years and can support both physical and virtual installations.

Dedicated IT Support

We have a team of industry-accredited IT professionals who consistently deliver a high-quality IT Support service to our end users. They push themselves to give customers the best service possible. With technical support from us achieve improved business performance by encompassing smart technology with rapid problem diagnosis and resolutions. Our commercially aware team continuously delivers affordable and efficient solutions to facilitate enhanced productivity for our customers. Our highly flexible support services can be tailored to address the specific requirements of your organisation. Thereby maximising both system and software availability. Support services are accessible during normal working hours as standard with premium packages offering availability for up to and including 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a specified level of on-site response.

Firewall Solutions

A firewall can be a vital piece of network security that keeps hackers out of a computer system. Firewalls are designed to scan any traffic that passes through them, allowing only legitimate packets and blocking anything unauthorized. However, they can also inadvertently block legitimate traffic.With the rise of cyber attacks and unwanted malware, our Firewall solutions can help to ensure that your data is protected at all times. As well as with our firewall solution we will provide you the SDWAN/IPsec VPN solution and with this solution you can interconnect your branch offices or other sites without purchasing a expencive VPN connection from a service provider.

Virtualisation Solutions

Virtualisation allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server by sharing the physical resources (Processor, Memory and Hard disk). The virtual servers exist on your network in exactly the same way as any other physical computer, allowing them to be managed and controlled in the same way with the added benefit of enhanced disaster recovery options. Reality Solutions are highly experienced with Microsoft Hyper V and vMware technologies.

Storage Server
& Backup Solutions

A network-attached storage is essential for data backup and efficient file sharing across the network and different department in most businesses nowadays. NAS is an all-in-one file server ideal for data sharing and storage on both internal and external networks. The NAS can be deployed as a central storage server and a backup server with data protection by RAID configuration and secure data transfer with access right control.NAS devices available that have multiple hard drive bays, allowing for higher disk capacity and better redundancy. If your business has problems in storing private and sensitive data, our secure storage servers will help you to do so while protecting it from unwanted malware, Data los, Data corruption and hacking. As well as we are providing server software backup solutions, Desktop backup solutions and etc.

Disaster Recovery

Historically, backup and recovery have focused mainly on the first part: the backup. The admins in charge spend most of their time making sure overnight backups have completed while running any needed corrections. Meanwhile, data recovery tests get pushed off to quarterly, annually, or even not at all. The only time most people think about recovery is when they need to recover for real. That’s like finding out your fire extinguisher doesn’t work while the flames are already spreading. With so much riding on your environment, you can’t afford to wait that long to find out you have a problem with your backups. You can’t risk waiting until you need it to discover that your recovery doesn’t work. The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe: When there’s a disaster, outage, ransomware strike, or other disruption, you need to be able to get your organization back online quickly. That means always being ready… for anything. And given the rapid change in today’s IT environments, readiness can’t be something that you can afford to address annually… or even quarterly. Readiness must be a daily focus. with our world class disaster recovery products and solutions your data will always be safe and secure.